who are we?

Eid al-Adha celebrations

We are a multidisciplinary team, ready to face various challenges. We are passionate about enhancing the image of your business and bringing to life the projects of organizations and artists through visually striking pieces.

Imagine: photography and video that go beyond the conventional. From documentaries that tell captivating stories to capturing the unique essence of events and special moments. In the world of architecture, editorial, commercial, and corporate imagery, we make it possible!

Whether you have a brilliant idea in mind or are seeking inspiration, we are here to turn your projects into reality. We work on both independent projects and commissions, spanning different countries around the world.

Our team

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Pamela Ravina

producer + filmmaker

Audiovisual Producer and Project Manager based in Madrid. As co-founder and producer at TILT Foto + Vídeo, I have led the comprehensive management of audiovisual projects. My experience includes producing online courses for Domestika, where I honed my ability to develop creative concepts and collaborate with artists from around the world. I have also facilitated participatory documentary video workshops for European Projects and advised on the production of short films in collaboration with local and migrant communities in Europe. With a Master's degree in Visual Anthropology and a strong background in communication, I have deepened my skills in scriptwriting, video editing, and team coordination.

Guillermo Gutiérrez

photographer + filmmaker

Independent photographer and filmmaker with a decade of professional experience, currently based in Madrid, Spain. My previous training as an architect has significantly enriched my ability to establish special connections between subjects and their spatial environment when photographing and filming. This is reflected in my frames, known for their cleanliness and understanding. This distinctive approach has become my personal signature, bringing a unique and profound perspective to my visual storytelling. In recent years, I have been involved in the creation of documentary short films, corporate videos, and coverage of institutional events, leading me to co-found the audiovisual production company TILT.


We invest time in understanding our clients and their needs, proposing ideas that align with their expectations and budget.


We craft a production plan tailored to the client's needs and in harmony with the concept.


We optimize content to suit the needs of various platforms, maximizing the client's online presence.

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